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11 Steps
20170716 184501

Drill Press Table

by Mr-Mac

I have a 10” Delta bench top drill press. It is a good press and can handle most all the jobs I could ever hope to accomplish, but the...

15 Steps
20170701 165132

Outfeed Table

by Mr-Mac

While I am saving up money for the oak and maple to build my woodworking bench, I needed a temporary one that can also act as an outfeed...

10 Steps
20170627 203316

Tomato Cage Match

by Mr-Mac

Those who know me, know that this isn’t the first set of these I have ever made. I made a pair while we were living in St Louis and The...


Custom Van

by Maples01

Bed and cabinet work, started with a pre-assembled cabinet added to the drivers side, topped with a face from another...

12 Steps
20170625 205906

Dryer Door

by Mr-Mac

If you recall, I did some work in our laundry room so our washer and dryer would fit. In that project, I mentioned that I would need to...

20 Steps
20170625 205756

Laundry Woes

by Mr-Mac

The problem is that the laundry room wasn’t set up for a washer and dryer to sit side by side. The previous owners (PO) had a stackable...