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BBQ Wood Logs

fixNmowers posted in Other about 3 years ago

I love using mesquite to cook with on my BBQ grill. I love the smell and the flavor on the foods I cook. Recently, I was playing around in the shop and decided to make my bride a little something special for her bday. This wasn't her gift but a part of the evening I had planned. I had planned a candle light dinner, lights down low, soft saxophone music playing ( she loves to listen to the sax playing), a full cooked 5-star resturaunt meal right at home. 
Back to to my project. I wanted to make a piece that would highlight the evening mood. So, I went through my stack of BBQ wood and went to cutting and measuring and cutting some more and it wa perfect...

BBQ Wood Logs Main Image 3 Steps

Step 1

The first thing is to find an appropriate log and take an air hose and now off any dust of loose debris. Then go to the bandsaw and cut the ends off straight after deciding how long I wanted the project..

Step 2

The next step is to take a white pencil and my center rule and mark the center of the log both vertical and horizontal. The decide where you want the flat base to be for the bottom. To hold the log steady during cutting, I used a hand screw to keep the log from moving or rolling while cutting. Then I cut the base free. I got it pretty flat (used my saw's table to check for rocking when setting the log down. Then I headed over to my bench to sander to smooth out the band saw blade marks and finish flattening the base. One that's done, it's time to layout and mark where the candles will go and head over to the drill press.

Step 3

Choose you candles before placing and cutting the holes for the candles. Try to use a fostner bit just a tad larger than the base of the candles. The depth of the holes will also depend on the type of candles you use. Find your center point and make sure the log is steady and will not move during drilling.. After drilling the holes, clean u with some hand sanding. I wanted natural and left some bark and removed some bark. No stains or dyes, just sprayed about 3- coats of spray lacquer and let dry Then add the candles and set the dinner table and watch my bride's eyes melt when she walked in the door.. The next morning, she asked for some more logs for her friends......

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Does anybody spell check these before they go out? Obviously not!