When It Matters

Every day, Americans are flexing their community pride by putting their time, tools and talents to work to help others. See how everyday heroes are making a difference and how Craftsman has their backs.

See community pride at work.


Inspire. Adapt. Overcome. This is Warfighter Made.

When veterans come home, the wounds they bring with them can be both physical and invisible. Warfighter Made puts Craftsman tools in the hands of veterans. They call it recreational therapy. We call it inspiring.


Meet The Detroit Mower Gang

To kids, an abandoned park means they’re out on the street. To these heroes it means there’s work to be done. So they’re taking the city they love back — one abandoned lot at a time.

See Community Pride at Work.

What’s your cause?

There are everyday heroes in communities across the country. We want to hear about them. Submit your community projects and tell us how Craftsman tools can help you get the job done.