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Premium Hybrid Table Saw

ericjacobi posted in Tools over 2 years ago

I have the opportunity to acquire this for an AMAZING price, and heard cabinet saws are much better than contractor saws. Would anyone like to contribute thoughts to before I make the purchase? Craftsman.com


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Craftsman-Cristina over 2 years ago

The 22116 Premium Hybrid Table Saw is our highest quality Saw with the following features:

• The seamless granite table top of 40" x 27" is the smoothest surface
• 1-3/4 HP Motor 3,450 RPM
• Blade stability of a cast iron trunnion system to deliver the most accurate cut.
• Rip fence is equipped with side panel rails to help with accuracy
• The saw can cut up to 3 5/16 inches at 90 degrees and 2 1/4 inches at 45 degrees
• Rip capacities of 30 in. on the right and 13 1/2 in. on the left

This saw would be considered the ”Heartbeat of Shop” as our product manager was told by a very wise Woodworker. ;)

fixNmowers over 2 years ago

I would take this saw as well and I have the contractor saw

In-Use over 2 years ago

Do you have the real estate available to dedicate to it?
Boxed up or require disassemble / reassembly?

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ericjacobi over 2 years ago

Wow! I just remembered I had the chance to use this fine piece of machinery at last year's #Makecation! How soon we forget!

AdamO over 2 years ago

This Hybrid circular saw has many of the characteristics of a full cabinet maker's saw, with less requirements than a 220 volt, direct-wired/ dedicated circuit, 3 to 5 HP saw.

The Hybrid saw has more cast iron than nearly any contemporary Carpenter's saw.

The hybrid's heavier weight mean much less machine vibration and the 1-3/4 HP TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) motor will cut about anything likely to be passed by the 10 inch blade.

Unless you shop is very large, you'll want to purchase a heavy-duty transporting platform to mover the saw about the shop for different cutting jobs and of course, during in active times keeping it out of the way.

The saw weighs in at slightly over 400 pounds, making it the last item in your shop that will EVER be stolen.

So far, all I have is one of the machine's plaques...

AdamO over 2 years ago

The full depth model Craftsman Hybrid saw allow saw dust to be picked up as easily as a full-blown Cabinet Maker's saw.

The cast-iron Carpenter's saw has a motor hanging out the back of the open bottom cabinet, along with that drive belt that makes saw dust collection capability much less than the use of a full-depth cabinet.