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Day:42 what I would prefer to do then go to work.. But there's always tomorrow! 😉 #shift #onealmx #foxmx #oakley #thhhelmet #dirtbike #quadbike #riding #motocross #jersey #pants #helmet #ridinggear #fun #sponsorme #broombroom #Thor #spy #tcx #freeridermx #globe #madetorace #jetpoilot #sixsixone #shoei #strokemotocross

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MADE to RACE: Reveal & Race, Ep 13

"There is no end. There is no beginning. There is only the passion of life." -Federico Fellini This is it - the final reveal of our #MADEtoRACE 1965 Comet-R, followed by its first autocross race. Get the full story at http://craftsman.com/madetorace

MADE to RACE: Final Assembly, Ep 12

"A goal is a dream with a deadline." -Napoleon Hill Watch as we finally assemble our 1965 Mercury Comet and ready it for its first race. http://craftsman.com/madetorace

MADE to RACE: Cooling System, Ep 11

"Efficiency of performance is what wins the game." -Pat Riley The bigger the motor, the more heat it's going to generate. Watch as we transform a 1965 Mercury Comet into the ultimate street racing machine. http://craftsman.com/madetorace

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Club Discussions

Broken Screwdriver Repurposed

A few weeks ago I returned a Craftsman Professional Screwdriver that I had broken the tip on. The clerk let me keep the defective tool so I decided to repurpose it into an awl. A little grinding, a little filing, a little sanding and a little polishing, and I have a new useful tool.
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Good idea. Does your awl have a life time warranty? Lol.......


Looks good!

MADE to RACE: Dad's Legacy

Why put your first tools into your hands? Who taught you how to use them? While working with Hot Rod Chassis &amp; Cycle on our 1965 Mercury Comet build, these stories kept coming up. Dad, dad, dad - that was the final consensus. Share your stories with us, and watch theirs here: http://youtu.be/7xbDFJQk5F4
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Thank you, internet! If it wasn't for the web I never would have started working on cars at all. My dad is a good mechanic for a lawyer, but that's not saying much. I was lucky in that he was willing to stock the garage full of fun tools (like a plasma cutter) and build an 8 car garage with lifts but when it came to actually learning/doing I was on my own.


I had an uncle that was a mechanic on cars, big trucks, and heavy equipment and he always let me and my cousin play with a few tools and even let us help remove a part or two. Then he gave us a old lawnmower and told us to tear it down and then we had to put it all together the same way it came apart. I think we almost wore the threads out on the bolts on that old mower as many times as we took that thing apart.

Is Your Engine #MADEtoRACE?

Most original factory engines actually produce much lower power than that reported by the manufacturer. And stock engine components often don't hold up to racing situations. Roush Performace built a new engine for the Comet-R, with a stronger engine block, lighter, better flowing aluminum heads, higher quality crank and rods, modern forged pistons, and a Hilborn Stack Injector that will suit our racing needs quite well. For almost any form of racing, taking weight out of the car has several benefits, especially off the front of the car. Even weight distribution is essential. The lighter you are, the faster you can go. What are some ways you can lighten, and at the same time improve an engine for almost any form of racing? Watch MADE to RACE Episode 9 here, The Engine: http://youtu.be/jeJHYMqGEC0
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Practical Man

Never scrimp on machine work. Weigh the pistons and connecting rods separately. balance them to a micro gram. Don't forget to have the crank balanced. Vibration is the worst enemy of steel parts. Power is made in the cylinder heads, and you don't have to buy a lunatic cam shaft if you want to drive the car on the street. I made huge power in a 350 "R" motor by using a Z28 roller cam and 1.65 roller rockers. just off the shelf stuff. My '84 Silverado was scary fast and could tow my boat with ease.


Ford was well known for publishing low numbers for their engines! As for making one run better, yes, better built components are the way to do it but lighter isn't always better! Aluminum heads are a wonderful thing and do help in many ways, but to truly get all the HP you can from an engine, it has to breathe and run with as little friction as possible! Blueprint and balance an engine to extremely tight tolerances and save weight where possible and then you have something fun to drive!


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As the saying goes, "You win some, you lose some." And while the Craftsman Comet-R didn't win the Duel in the Desert, the winner of the Craftsman Challenge voting bracket made it through the first round of the finals! Congrats, Mike Young...AKA "Roadster Mike"!

Craftsman Club

‘65 Mercury Comet Caliente
  • Transmission:


  • Wheel Base:

    114 INCHES

  • Suspension:


Mike Young

‘65 Ford Mustang
  • Transmission:

    Borg Warner T-5

  • Wheel Base:

    108 Inches

  • Suspension:

    Stock Style With Hotchkis
    Sport Suspension TVS

Congrats to David BartenHagen ... Winner of Our Bracket Voting Sweeps!

He earned tickets to the Goodguys Southwest Nationals November 14 - 16, 2014 in ScottsDale, AZ, and watched our '65 Comet-R compete against the '65 Mustang!