The World of Outlaws: The Craft of Racing

Dirt track racing is evolving, but it still comes down to building safe, dependable cars. Mark Richards and Steve Baker, owners of the Rocket Chassis racing team, should know. They’ve been building cars since they were teenagers.

“When we started racing,” Steve Baker says in the video above, “we were taking ‘stock cars’ and making them race cars.”

For Richards, the education started early. “Before I was 16 I was able to build a complete chassis, with a body and everything, and race it,” he says. “Nothing like we build today, but at the time it was pretty much state-of-the-art.”

Dirt track racing has grown up since those early days for Baker and Richards. In the Craftsman World of Outlaws ‘Craft of Racing’ video above, they both discuss their passion for building cars and dirt track racing.

And as Steve Baker says in the video, “to really experience dirt stock car racing you need to be there. You need to get some dirt in your face.” And now’s your chance. Complete the form below to enter for a chance to win a trip to an upcoming World of Outlaws race.