Tools, Races and Community Pride: Looking Back on 2016

Craftsman Tools is always looking forward – whether it’s tool innovations or new partnerships. But every now and then, we like to pause and look back and what we’ve been doing. From dirt track racing to truck giveaways, practical jokes to practical matters, here’s a look at the many ways Craftsman celebrated the lives of makers in 2016.

We were there #WhenItMatters.
In 2016, Craftsman put its tools where it matters: in the hands of people who are doing good things. We donated lawn equipment to the Detroit Mower Gang and helped them clean up playgrounds in their city. We supplied Warfighter Made with the tools to help them continue providing recreational therapy to wounded war veterans. And we sent tools and supplies to smaller organizations – like Peterson Garden Project and Durham Bike Coop – who are lending helping hands in their communities. Check out the When It Matters page for more information on our community pride program and to submit your own organizations who could use a helping hand.


We celebrated an anniversary.
Craftsman Club, our community for makers and tool enthusiasts, celebrated it 25th anniversary in 2016. We honored the occasion by surprising some of our most loyal members with Craftsman tool packages and sending 25 randomly selected Craftsman Club members to the Texas Motor Speedway – where one lucky member drove away in a brand new Chevrolet Silverado.

We brought you some new cool new innovations. 
Who would have thought that you could improve on the basic hammer? We did. That’s why we introduced the Flex Claw Hammer. It’s a hammer and pry bar in one and there at least 5 ways it can make your life easier.

Because we’re living in the 21st century, we also rolled out a number of connected tools. From Craftsman Smart Lawn, the Bluetooth-enabled Smart Lawn app from Craftsman that provides maintenance tips, weather tracking and more, to Craftsman Pro Series Tool Storage with Smart Lock and Craftsman Smart Garage Door Opener, we’re helping you be more efficient, locked down and on alert.


We yanked your chain.
We couldn’t resist playing an April Fools’ joke on our customers when we “released” the Craftsman Kitchen Chainsaw. Although based on the overwhelming response to this fake product, there seems to be a demand for hard working tools for the kitchen.

We got dirty.
2016 saw Craftsman become title sponsor of World of Outlaws, quite possibly the greatest show on dirt. We sponsored sweepstakes to send fans to the races and explored the behind the scenes stories of the teams and crews. We’ll be back with the World of Outlaw racing teams – with new prizes, stories and racing adventures – in 2017.

Stay tuned for the exciting things that we have planned for 2017. We’re celebrating another anniversary (the brand’s 90th!), introducing additional innovations and expanding on our community pride program. And join Craftsman Club to stay connected to the latest news, projects and deals.