Stocking a Severe Weather Emergency Kit

What constitutes an emergency? It’s relative. But for now, let’s say MORE serious than when you get home with fast food and there’s no ketchup in the bag. Like severe weather serious…

We all know we’re headed into that season where weather can get aggressive and unpredictable — capable of causing power outages, floods and tornadoes — maybe even the zombie apocalypse. Regardless of the emergency, there’s a core set of supplies that can save the day.
Lucky for you, we’ve wrangled them all into one list so you can be ready.


Emergency Flashlight: This essential piece delivers a 1000 foot beam of light to get you out of the dark quick, plus it can withstand an eight foot drop and run five hours continuously on just four AA batteries. CC_Blog_Post_Emergency_Kit_2

LED Headlamp: Sometimes you just need your hands for something else, especially in an emergency situation. This water-resistant lamp shines 116 lumens wherever you turn your head, so you can focus on what’s important.


Stereo/Charger: Get the latest news or pass the time with tunes. Use the radio, plug into the AUX jack or connect with bluetooth. Plus, a 2-amp USB port lets you charge gadgets when you’re in a jam.

Multi-tool: Ten powerful tools in one clever design. Includes a screwdriver, bottle opener, blade, knife and awl — all featuring two handle lights that shine directly on your work surface.


Folding Lockback Utility Knife: Every kit needs one good, solid knife. This hero is not only lightweight and rust resistant — but opens with one hand and locks strong in place to save the day when you need it.CC_Blog_Post_Emergency_Kit_6

Diehard Powerbank: Waterproof, shockproof and dustproof, this rugged lithium-ion powerbank keeps you and your gadgets in charge — and even features a built-in 3-in-1 LED flashlight.CC_Blog_Post_Emergency_Kit_7

Diehard Batteries: Because emergencies never come with start and end times — prepare for the long haul with spare batteries. The good news is the toughest auto battery brand is now available in alkaline.CC_Blog_Post_Emergency_Kit_8

Utility Gloves: Adjustable, wicking, gripping, wicked-tough — these gloves will prepare you for anything, but they look and feel so cool you’ll probably just want to walk around the house with your super-human hands.CC_Blog_Post_Emergency_Kit_9

Single-Bit Axe: Prepare for the possibility that you just might need to solve a problem with sheer brute force. It could be a door, wall or branch. It doesn’t matter. This is the axe you want in your hands.

Heavy-Duty Back Pack: Finally, what holds a proper emergency kit together? How about one of the sturdiest backpacks available — built heavy-duty, loaded with pockets and supported with a molded rubber bottom.