Life on the Road: Overnight Car Prep with Frank Heckenast

Have you ever wondered what it takes to get a World of Outlaws Craftsman Late Model Series car ready to hit the track?

Once the car is unloaded, the driver and crew go over everything from top to bottom making sure it is mechanically sound. Starting at the front and working their way backwards, they begin with the engine, checking spark plugs and wiring connections. Next, it’s important to make sure the oil and water lines are functioning properly with no leaks or cracks and that the carburetor and fuel system components are in working order. The crew then checks fluid levels in the transmission and rear end. Moving backwards, they check the gear ratio and make changes if necessary. The team then works on the suspension of the car. Shock and spring combinations are changed depending upon the track and tires are mounted and grooved specific of each race. The car is then fueled and ready for hot laps.

Watch the video above to hear how Frank’s team uses Craftsman tools to keep things running smoothly. And be sure to check out the World of Outlaws Craftsman Club page to find a race near you.