Get to Know the Smart Lawn App for Craftsman Riding Mowers

Mowing the lawn is one of those gotta-get-done chores that never seems to go away. You cut it, rake it, bag it, weed it and edge it every week and the ungrateful grass just keeps on growing.

Now there’s a more intelligent way to tackle that turf. The free Smart Lawn app from Craftsman takes some of the major headaches out of your mowing routine.

Smart Lawn Maintenance Dashboard

Maintenance Mate: When was the last time you changed the air filter on your mower? Is it due for a blade change? If your answer is “I dunno,” you’re not alone. Regular mower maintenance is easy to forget about, even when it’s not that hard to do. The Smart Lawn app jumps in to remind you when crucial components need replacing.

The app uses Bluetooth to stay in sync with your mower’s actual run time, so it can tip you off to a potential problem before you have one. It also has helpful information and videos on how to prep your mower for the beginning and end of mowing season. And it tells you what to check and replace after 10, 25, 50 and even 100 hours of use.

Smart Lawn How-to Video

Go Deep: The Smart Lawn app’s how-to section allows you to go deep into the guts of your mower. You’ll learn how to check and replace important parts like your battery, blades, oil and more.

You’ll get step-by-step instructions, plus video visuals that show you where everything fits. With a few taps, you can have the know-how you need to tackle even more complex maintenance.

Smart Lawn Parts Replacement

Supply and Demand: The Smart Lawn app makes shopping for parts a snap. You won’t have to stand there in the hardware store, sifting through row after row of almost-identical items. The app will tell you which parts are compatible with your specific model of mower.

Smart Lawn can find stores in your area that sell the exact part you need. And you can even use the app to order parts online and have them shipped right to you.

Smart Lawn Weather Report

Know When to Mow: Keep your cutting on schedule with the Smart Lawn app. You can see the five-day forecast and plan your week, or just let the app ping you when it’s a nice day to mow.

Smart Lawn also tracks the number of days since you last mowed, so you’ll always be able to cut the grass before it reaches rainforest status. And, since the app reports the number of hours before sundown, you won’t let the daylight get away from you.

Smart Lawn Bluetooth Connection

Your Ticket to the Best Lawn on the Block: The Smart Lawn app works with Bluetooth-enabled Craftsman 42″ and 52″ V-Twin Kohler Steering Wheel Zero Turn Riding Mowers (models 247.204000 and 247.204100). You can get it for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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