Craftsman Tools Hits the Road with Ryno Templeton


When you’re hauling gear to World of Outlaws races around the country, you can’t just drive around in any truck. You need a truck that has the same badass attitude as the races themselves. So we worked with Ryan “Ryno” Templeton to create one of the baddest Peterbilt trucks to ever hit the open road.

If we’re going to be hauling gear from track to track, we need to do it one mean looking machine. In the spirit of this, airbrushing artist Ryan “Ryno” Templeton customized our Craftsman World of Outlaws hauler truck. You might know Ryno from the CMT reality show, Trick My Truck. Ryno took our truck and created a hardcore look for the true outlaw, combining skull graphics and Craftsman tools.

Following the custom paint job, the truck went back to Outkast Kustoms for assembly. Kelvin at Outkast Kustoms grew up as a “go get ’em guy” around his dad’s farm and trucking company. He knows the importance of quality tools. And, like many garages, Outkast relies on Craftsman tools to get the job done safely and efficiently.

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Image credit: Jason Loper