5 Projects to Do Outside Now That You Have a Heated Jacket

Bears have the right idea. When the mercury dips, they go hibernate in their caves. As appealing as napping through winter sounds, real folks have stuff to do, no matter how cold it gets outside.

Arm yourself against the frigid temps with a heated jacket from Craftsman brand. Its powered heat zones will keep you cozy on the inside, even when you’re outside. Now you can brave the elements and beat cabin fever or tackle that to-do list. Here are a few additional ideas to get you going.

Snow Patrol
After a snowfall, there’s always somebody who needs help clearing their driveway or digging their car out of its parking spot. Grab your shovel and get to work! An early riser can get it done and be enjoying breakfast before the sun’s up. It’s not cheating to get some help from your snowblower. Sprucing up sidewalks is a great way to make nice with your local postal workers and holiday delivery drivers, too. “Neighborhood Hero” has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

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Dining Out: Extreme Edition
Football fandom doesn’t bow to Fahrenheit or Celsius. Game day means go time, regardless of the temperature. With a heated jacket, you can join the frozen chosen up in the bleachers with no worries.

But the best place to enjoy the big game is the parking lot. We’re talking tailgating. Your burgers and brats will taste better when you can still feel your fingers. So bring your heated jacket along with your grill, cooler and other supplies.

For a real “diehard” approach to celebrating in style, check out these DieHard brand tips for tailgating like a pro.

Land the Big One
Whether you’re a dedicated angler or just looking for a new way to enjoy your winter weekends, why not try ice fishing? You can still spend time “on the lake.” Only now the lake is a solid sheet of ice, so swap your beach towel for a heated parka. If you’re new to winter fishing, you can find lots of advice on where to go and what to bring at takemefishing.org. You might even discover your new favorite pastime.

Fishing in the cold comes with a DIY component that’s sure to appeal to true makers. Spend enough time on the ice and you’ll want to build and trick out your own fish house. Here’s some tips on how to build a fish house you can easily transport to and from your favorite fishing hole.

What About Bobsledding?
Snow plus sled plus hill equals instant fun. Just add gravity. A heated jacket will make sure you stay snug while you sled, even when the wind is whipping by at extreme velocity.

But buying a sled is too easy for the Club aficionado. Especially when you can build one. Over at Instructables, winter warrior Koubiac has fashioned an old-school toboggan out of bent ash wood, with plans on how to make your own.

You can even transform the snowscape itself to give your ride some extra thrills. Popular Mechanics has plans and advice to turn your backyard into a twisting, turning downhill experience.

Make Some Art That’s Off the Chain
Normally you’d put your chainsaw away for winter. But with the portable warmth of a heated jacket, you can use it to indulge your creative side.

You might have seen people using chainsaws to create awesome pieces of art out of wood. But in winter, ice is an even more plentiful medium, and it looks downright awe-inspiring when you sculpt it into some new shape.

Your ice sculpture is only limited by your imagination. We’ve seen amazing renderings of cars, animals and architectural wonders carved from a single block. And a chainsaw can give you the kind of power and control you need for some really intricate carving, if your skills are up to the challenge.

Maybe your ice sculpture won’t be as impressive as these guys, but it will be yours. Be sure to save a few pics of the results before the spring thaw erases your artwork.

Craftsman Heated Jacket

This Is Why We’re Hot
How many times has the cold chased you indoors, leaving a project undone or a day of fun spoiled? With a Craftsman heated jacket (available for men and women) you can extend your outdoor time. If you’ve got a notion for a new winter project, be sure to share your plans with the Craftsman Club.