10 Projects to Organize Your Garage

It’s time to reclaim the best – and some would say most important – part of the house: the garage. Whether it’s a space solely for your cars or it’s a multi-purpose garage/workshop, there are ways to get a little more out of (and into) your garage.

Pressure Washer: Your garage floor has taken a beating over the winter. Before you start organizing your garage, start with a clean slate. The pressure washer video above will give you the tips you need to get started. (And check out that new Craftsman Pro Series Pressure Washer used in the video. Ain’t she a beauty!)

DIY Yard Tool Rack

Cheap Yard Tool Storage: Keep your lawn tools organized and out of the way with this tool rack made from affordable PVC pipe. No need to stop at tools; store hockey sticks, baseball bats or other sporting equipment this way too.

Muffin Pan Hardware Organizer

Muffin Pan Organizer: Sure, you can use the old coffee-can method to store loose screws, bolts and fasteners. Or, you can use something you probably already have in your kitchen to keep everything separated and organized.

Folding Work Bench: Space can be an issue in the garage. Whether you need to fit a work table in a tight space, or just like to be able to keep things up and out of the way, this foldable work bench is a must have.

Overhead Storage Beams: Keeping things off the ground not only saves space, but can also protect your stuff from spills, flooding and water damage. These garage beams are the perfect space saver to keep your garage floor free and clear of clutter.

Framed Pegboard: You can’t go wrong with a classic. This framed pegboard will help you keep all your hand tools in one place and be able to find them easily when you need them. No more digging to the bottom of your toolbox.


Cabinet Built with Joinery: We had originally envisioned this project for kitchen cabinetry. But if you want to get a practice round in before you start on the cabinets for inside the home, create one for the garage. You’ll be happy for the additional storage and you’ll learn a lot along the way.


Grill Paper Towel Rack: Craftsman Club member Azlugz wanted a paper towel holder for his garage so he did what any respectable maker would do. He built one. And he used the front end of his Jeep as the inspiration.


DIY Garage Shelves: This easy DIY shelving unit from Craftsman Club memer Phantomeagle03 follows the basic 2×4 model and takes about 4 hours to build.


Modular Shelving: The great thing about this inexpensive DIY shelving is that it’s endlessly customizable. Whether you put it in the corner of the garage or along a back wall, you can position the shelves to make the unit practical for your use.

If you tackle your own garage organization projects, share them in Craftsman Club for a chance to be featured here on the blog.